Mineral Interaction Chart – Free Download

Excited and Sad

Nearly 2,000 of our visitors have downloaded this mineral interaction chart which is very exciting. However during that time only 1 person has ever asked us for help to interpret its meaning. Without an interpretation guide, we now recognise the Mineral Interaction Chart may look pretty but probably has much lower value than originally intended. We also recognise that some interactions are relevant in animals but not for plants, in the soil but not animals and so on. And we want to respond to that.

So we’re completely revising our mineral interaction chart which will include interpretations and break outs for individual elements to increase understanding. If you’d like to register to receive notification when this update is available, please enter your details here. We promise not to sell or share your contact information with any other company or individual for any reason.

Get your Free Version 1 Mineral Interaction Chart here – Note – By clicking this link you will not receive notification of the updated and Extended Version 2 Release Coming Soon.